About Me :)

Hi! I'm Lauren! Here's a bit about me, but for some additional introductory notes, see this blog post.

Born and raised: Bronx, NY
Major: Psychology and Religious Studies double major
Class: 2015

SMC Activities: VITA, DREAM, other MOVE events.
Hobbies: songwriting, singing, rapping, acting, baking
Birthday: October 29th, 1993. I'm a scorpio!

Extra Fun Facts:
I think whistling should be a professional sport.
I love to watch Discovery Health and the Oprah channel.
I had a dream of being a figure skater, so I took lessons when I was nine. Now I'm petrified of ice-skating.
When I'm really happy, Frank Sinatra gets stuck in my head.
My full name is Lauren Joyce Murphy. I lived in Joyce Hall my freshman year. Coincidence? I think not.
I'm a Saint Mike's student (in case you haven't guessed).
I love Saint Mike's!! (again, in case you haven't guessed) :)

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