Saturday, November 10, 2012

Class Registration... The Best and The Worst of It

So here it is: the time when all of us at St. Mike's start to rejoice and panic about the courses we should take during the next semester. Will we get all the classes we need and want, or will we have to make compromises? Does next semester look promising, or a bit more challenging than we expected? Stay tuned...

Just kidding! While class registration can be a bit intimidating, it usually all works out for the best. You, however, have to be the one who knows what you want and why. Best case scenario in registration is that you get all the classes you wanted for next semester right away, and worse case scenario is that Knightvision locks you out and you get none of them. I fell somewhere in the middle for this registration period. I only got into one of my planned classes.

So what do you do if you don't get into the classes you want right away?

(1) Email the professor! If you email them as soon as you receive notice that their course is closed, then you are likely to secure a petition seat rather than a spot on the waiting list! I secured two petition seats for two classes that I really needed and wanted!


(2) Keep on checking throughout your registration period/open registration! Other students are moving around their schedules as well, and you may find one last open seat waiting for you later in the day! I secured my fourth class this way!

So now that you know I am a fully registered student for the Spring 2013 semester, I will show you my class schedule:

RS 350-B Religion and Film 3:15-5:15pm M, W (Wednesday is lab/film night!)
PS 214-A Research Methods I 1:15-2:50pm T, Th
RS 255-A Aztec Goddess/Christian Madonna 1:30-3:05pm
PS 250-A Social Psychology 3:00-4:35pm

I'm SO excited for this upcoming semester! See? Registration does work out!