Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Semester Resolutions: Impossible? I Think NOT!

With the start of a new year, everyone is obsessed with making New Year's Resolutions! It's the first conversation starter once you ring in the new year. To keep myself on track, I always try to carry out New Semester Resolutions. What do I want out of the new semester? How to I plan to get it? Here are a few of my New Semester Resolutions (that are SO NOT impossible!).

1. A Six-Pack -  From the very start of the new semester, my friend Tan Wai and I pledged to get six-packs by the end of the semester. Easy? Well, no. Possible? YES! I go to the gym every morning before my 1:15/1:30 class and have gone back to a vegan diet, which has given me so much energy and determination! After a workout, I have better concentration in class and am fully awake throughout the day! In all honesty, if I don't end up with a six-pack by the end of the semester I won't be devastated, but I'm sure I'll appreciate the improvements I made for my health!

2. A Better Sleep Schedule - Sleep is very, very important. Especially in college. While I may not get a full 12 hours of sleep (that's a joke, since I technically could sleep all day but shouldn't), I do want to get a night's rest that rejuvenates me in the morning. I spent much of the fall semester exhausted, and I don't want that exhaustion to carry on into this semester!

3. A 4.0 GPA - Last semester, I achieved this goal, and I'm aiming for it again! This semester presents new challenges now that I have begun my 200 and 300 level classes, but I am determined to at least do my best. At the end of the day, if I gave something 110% of my effort, then I see it as a success story.

4. To Stay Cool, Calm and Collected - While I may not be hitting the yoga mat anytime soon due to my extreme lack of coordination, I do want to stay in the "chill" zone. I've learned that stress does not solve any of my problems. It adds to them. I aim to have faith in myself and stay calm rather than hyperventilate about something that I can't change. I'm pretty successful with this so far, and I'm sure that if I keep it up, I'll definitely be able to achieve whatever I set my mind to!