Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My First Higher Ground Experience!! Switchfoot Concert!!

We're all aware of the stereotypical college to-do list. If you want an authentic college experience, you just have to check off certain things, like tie-dye and rock concerts! Luckily, I've done both within the past two weeks, so I officially fit into the category of stereotypical college student! Woohoo! (Granted, I'm into my sophomore year, but it's better late than never, right?)

On Thursday, I embarked on my first Higher Ground experience! For those of you who don't know what Higher Ground is, it's this super cool music and comedy venue that fits right in with the college scene! If you're ever coming up to Vermont for an extended amount of time, you should totally check out what's going on there!

It was an awesome experience! I went with my friends Lauren, Tan Wai, and Lindy (as shown below) and we had an amazing time!

From left: Lauren Mazz, Tan Wai, Lindy, and me :)
Seeing Switchfoot live was pretty much LTL (Larger Than Life. I don't even know if LTL's a thing, I just did it to be cool) since I've blasted Dare You To Move and Meant to Live multiple times throughout my life. It was also really cool to hear their other songs that I wasn't familiar with. I've been blasting their music on Spotify ever since.

Photo Credits to Tan Wai
Rock and Roll, baby!
So I would definitely say that my first Higher Ground experience was a success! Oh, and I almost forgot to show you my tie-dye shirt!


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